Abbreviated / trees cut short by storms and time / prepared for winter.




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5 thoughts on “Abbreviated / trees cut short by storms and time / prepared for winter.

  1. Another beautiful bare tree photo. How did you get that wonderful blue color?


    • Thank you Snail-Queen!! The blue is from the iPhone camera app I love and use daily, for many of the pics I post with the Haiku – it’s called Hipstamatic. The particular “lens” called John S is the one with that deep, mottled, spotty blue in the sky – moody and intense. 🙂


      • Are you really saying you took that photo with the iphone??? Oh, my I have been lugging around my heavy DSLR, thinking I needed it to take good pictures. I am a total neophyte with the camera. I did take one good photo once. Maybe I will post it, have to work it into my snail blog.


      • Yep, it’s on the iPhone 4s w/8mp! BUT, it only has one POV – avg wide angle only and digital zooming is crappy, so do NOT drop your DSLR – they are different tools! But if you do get an iPhone, the Hipstamatic app is awesome!! Good luck…


  2. Hello, I have been working my way back through your wonderful photographs and haiku. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you today for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can see the list of nominees here:


    I’ll completely understand (as I mentioned in the post) if blogging awards is not something you’re interested in, but I absolutely did want to recognize you for the inspiring work you post here on your blog. I have only recently discovered your site myself, and hope that others will find their way to you through the nomination. All my best. Melanie


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