Love, to connect all / dissimilar people, flows / from an open heart.

Inspired by and dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, on the US holiday in his memory…


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3 thoughts on “Love, to connect all / dissimilar people, flows / from an open heart.

  1. Happy Martin Luther Kind day to all in the US (and outside of it come to that).


  2. Ironically, I also said this in the Song I wrote called “The Light”!

    Happy Martin Luther King Day!!!

    See hear song go to link: http://youtu.be/IMdDfq9VrIA
    “Or” go to http://www.YouTube.com/user/JonAnthonyMusic


  3. GOD is “LOVE”! We are All GOD! When we go off track we just need to reset our Navigation! We will get to where Dr. Martin Luther was attempting to take US!!!


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