The old mill's windows / overlook the waterfall / that once moved millstones. // haiku - micropoetry

The old mill’s windows / overlook the waterfall / which once moved millstones.

Here’s the full prose-text I wrote about these images, which I then distilled down to 17 syllables:

Windows of the old mill-turned-inn, overlooking the waterfall and rushing stream (small river?) which used to move the millstone, viewed through the crystal ball atop a bottle, which once stored and poured spirits…

My reasons for taking photographs and writing poetry right now — when you might think I should be doing something else — are the same as they have been before, during, and after the “worst year ever” of 2020 with its pandemic, protests, and political pandemonium. There are three core motivations and reasons I chase the light, and sometimes write:

  1. To express the ideas, mad musings and fleeting feelings which oft flit unfettered through my mind.
  2. To find the beauty (which is always there) amidst the chaos and uncertainty of difficult times.
  3. To comment on events from history, the current moment, and to imagine possible futures.

It is my fervent desire that when you visit here, you will pause for a moment (or a few), to find any scraps of beauty, insight, amusement and/or solace I may have written and left lying about. That may be a lot to ask of simple micro-poetry in doses of 17 syllables (or 11 for the 3-5-3 poems), but I’m glad you stopped by to give it a try. I hope you take away a little something more when you leave, than you had when you got here…

// haikumages

The old mill's windows / overlook the waterfall / which once moved millstones. // haiku - micropoetry
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