Tortured mockingbird / sang that one great song we loved / more than all others.

Scout, the little Finch / your mockingbird has been killed / we still hear its song. // micropoetry - haiku - haikumages

Twoku: Scout, the little Finch / your mockingbird has been killed / we still hear its song.

Threeku: Mocking bird / Scout, the little Finch / died today.  (3-5-3)

Fourku: Mockingbird’s author / the little Finch, died today / Watchman first, and last.

Nelle (pronounced “nell” not “nellie” which she hated) Harper Lee died today, not too long after the release of her last (actually her first) book “Go Set a Watchman.” Click here to read the New York Times article about her life, writing, and passing, including how her first manuscript was dramatically changed (at her publisher’s advice), into what became “To Kill a Mockingbird.” You can read the original New York Times review of the book, by clicking here.

harper-leeMy reference to a “tortured” mockingbird in this haiku, is because — though I’m no expert on Harper Lee — I’ve always had a sense that she was not a happy person, rather she was introspective, sad, dark and deep. It’s well known that Ms. Lee was not prepared for, and was unhappy with the celebrity that came from the success of her first book, but I learned more about her today in several articles in memoriam which reinforced my feeling that she was more than a little “tortured” in her life, mind, heart and soul.

Regardless of how it came to be, we are thankful to have heard the mockingbird’s song, and to Harper Lee for writing it.

 – the Haikook


  1. Featured image in this post: a still of the tomboy “Scout” Finch, awkwardly in a dress, eating breakfast, from the 1962 film “To Kill a Mockingbird”, found online, all rights reserved by its owners–the movie studio, photographer, and/or other entities which have licensed rights to this image.
  2. Harper Lee with cigarette: found online, all rights reserved to the photographer or other licensed/rights-holder.


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