The sixty-nine club / gained two great members this week / unfortunately.

The sixty-nine club / gained two great members this week / unfortunately. // RIP Alan Rickman // micropoetry - haiku

Many people have died at age sixty-nine. Today, sadly, it was Alan Rickman, an actor whose art, craft, and “snarlingly withering” voice I greatly enjoyed, now silenced, joining the ranks of the many felled by cancer. Four days ago, it was David Bowie, same cause-of-death. Both great men have unfortunately joined the “sixty-nine” club this week.

Alan Rickman and David Bowie have joined luminaries and louts who also died at the age of sixty-nine, including:

  • Musicians: Louis Armstrong, Clarence Clemons, Lightnin’ Hopkins, and Captain Beefheart
  • Actors: Gracie Allen, Jackie Coogan (Uncle Fester), Desi Arnaz, and Jerry Orbach
  • Others: Evel Knievel, Aristotle Onassis, Marco Polo, Jimmy Hoffa (unconfirmed), and Saddam Hussein (confirmed, thanks Obama)

Disclaimer: this list of people who died at 69 is partial (obviously), selected because they were famous for something, and interested me, but NOT because they are related, or similar to each other in ANY way, other than the age at which they died…

Regarding Alan Rickman only, here are links about his passing, and about his career, for your enjoyment:

We will miss you Alan Rickman, rest in peace.

 – the Haikook

PHOTO CREDIT: movie still from one of the Harry Potter movies, owned by Warner, all rights reserved.


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