Ending nigh / a new beginning / promising. haikumages

Reckoning / with the past, future / beckoning.

Ending nigh / a new beginning / promising. haikumages

Twoku: Reflection / hindsight is so clear / not foresight.

Threeku: Ending nigh / a new beginning / promising.

Fourku: Distant friend / already in future / says it’s bright.

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3 thoughts on “Reckoning / with the past, future / beckoning.

  1. Wow, lots of thoughts came to me with these haiku. The American flag makes me think of the disasters in Vietnam and Iraq –(wasn’t there a war in between those two?) But your haiku gives hope for the future.


    • Yeah, there’s a lot of depth in these – reckoning and reflecting on where we’ve been and where we’re going. Glad you got that! The 3-5-3 haiku in this fourku set are ongoing re-workings of ideas that are a couple of years old. I had an image in mind, of an old clock with its face rusted, and hands motionless, but as I was looking for it in my archive, I stumbled across the image I took a few months ago in Grand Central Station – that was it! The flag had portent and self-examination as a country, the “crystal ball” evoked tonight’s traditional Time Square iconic, celebratory device, and the clock, well, you get why the clock worked in the image. 🙂


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