Secret place / treetops, unseen by / downcast eyes.

Secret place / treetops, unseen by / downcast eyes. Haikumages

Twoku: There’s a secret place / at the tops of trees, unseen / by all downcast eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Secret place / treetops, unseen by / downcast eyes.

  1. treetops are called the something story, right? cannot recall the term. I know some birds live in the “understory” but what is the upper story of a tree called?


    • I had forgotten below called the “understory”…so I Googled it – found some funny stuff!

      1. Understory – definition on Wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Understory which tells the “STORY”!! You were right about the terms “understory” and “overstory” but they refer to to layers of the forest (or rainforest specifically), and not to parts of trees themselves (that’s treetops or “canopy”).

      2. Recording by Pat Metheny from 1992 called “Above the Treetops” at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secret_Story_(album)

      So…the understories and overstories of our lives continue, surviving, growing, and being told… 🙂


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