If it is ending / tomorrow will be quite an / interesting day!

If it is ending / tomorrow will be quite an / interesting day. Haikumages

Twoku: Hoping it won’t end / tomorrow, because we have / so much more to do.
Threeku: It has been so nice / knowing you, although I  wish / I knew you better!
Fourku: A feeling of dread / so many things left undone / I am not ready!
Fiveku: Hope it won’t / end tomorrow but / it’s been fun.
Sixku: Eight o’clock meeting / scheduled, so I am hoping / the world ends later.

Sorry, couldn’t stop myself from speculating, ruminating, cogitating, and haikunifying a little, on the eve of the day the earth will end…if you believe in that!!

So, just in case it really happens, I offer up the five haiku/senyru pieces above, and bid you a fond farewell, by offering up the immortal words of Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit!), who said at his 111th birthday part in the first book of the Lord of the Rings trilogy,

“I like half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less then half as well as you deserve!” 

Know what I mean?  🙂


 – The Haikook

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