Soul stories / fill pages in books / left behind.

All our soul stories / empty pages printed in / invisible ink.  Haikumages

Duoku: Soul stories / thoughts, feelings, actions / the life lived.

Trioku: Soul stories / on shelves in cosmic / libraries.

Quadriku: Soul stories / on bookshelves of the / universe.

Pentaku: Soul stories / written in language / all can read.

Hexaku: Cosmic book / pages filled with our / soul stories.

Septiku: All our soul stories / empty pages printed in / invisible ink.

Octoku: Our soul’s stories will / in time, fill new pages in / books we leave behind.
     *This last one was actually co-written with my friend Phil Helmers on 2/9/2011, and is obviously the root of the mail haiku/senyru used for the title on this post…

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Why So Many Haiku in One Post? 

Nearing year’s end, looking back on the 2012 Haikumages “post-per-day” Project, it occurs to me that I regularly post more than one haiku/senyru on a day, including my alternate, additional versions, and variations on the same topic, or with the same words in different arrangements… WHY do I write so many versions and post so many of them sometimes?  Does writing and posting multiple Haiku/Senyru defeat the purpose, dilute the essence, and/or bollocks the brevity of these poem forms?  Or am I simply out of control, and unable to restrain myself to just ONE?

My answers and explanations are on another page of this site: Multi-Kus?

And since you read this far down the page, allow me one more request/appeal: if you enjoy my silliness, occasional moments of brilliance and epiphany, and want to see more of it, please LIKE, Follow, Subscribe, and otherwise let me know via this blog, or any of the other social sites, pages and profiles listed on the Contact Page


– The Haikook

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2 thoughts on “Soul stories / fill pages in books / left behind.

  1. I am intrigued by this photo. What is it?
    I read your piece on multi-kus. I think playing with words is fun, and if many haikus occur to you, then go ahead and publish them. One will appeal to one person and a different one will appeal to another. I attended a haiku workshop, and wrote the best haiku of my life, but I was in terrible psychic pain. Odd how those moments can produce good art.


    • Aha…it’s an open book with blank pages…and old one, with a loose thread from the binding. Soul stories may not be visible, thus the blank pages, and the book left behind with a “loose end” was my feeling about the image, tying it to the ‘ku… My silly Multi-Ku post? Thanks for reading it – hopefully you got the last, final version, and not the ones posted along the way! But yeah, I’ll post away as you suggest, because many tell me (when I see them in person, NOT by liking or commenting on my posts!!) they love all or most of my work, including the serial, multi-ku posts…and because I don’t think I can stop myself! Worskshop? Sounds great!! Glad you wrote well…strong feelings, especially love and pain (sometimes at the same time), are what produce many of the best works of art out there… Anyway, thanks for your friendship and comments via Haikumages this year – I really appreciate it!! Cheers!!


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