Opened gate / something came or went / maybe both.

Alternate version: Open gate / adventure promised / beyond it.

Both are 3-5-3 syllables, but quite different… Which do you like better?

 – The Haikook

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4 thoughts on “Opened gate / something came or went / maybe both.

  1. Gates, doors, and windows are all big favorites with me. The idea of leading on to something unknown fascinates me.


  2. I like the first one better because it implies both excitement, “something came” and loss, “something went”. The second haiku only implies the adventure of the wonderful open gate. Also, it is often true that in order to allow something new into your life, you have to let something go— “maybe both” The first haiku captures that bittersweet aspect of life.


    • Hmmm…you like bittersweet things, don’t you?! So do i…there are two sides to everything (or more), choices and balance (or imbalance)… Thanks for your comments!


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