Life’s a clarinet / keys burnished smooth, shiny from / many fingerings.

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6 thoughts on “Life’s a clarinet / keys burnished smooth, shiny from / many fingerings.

  1. Beautiful photo image, and beautiful words….. thanks


  2. Beautiful burnished tones.


  3. I am new to word press. I would like to email this, or send a link to a friend of mine who would appreciate it. I just cannot figure out a simple way to do it.


    • Easiest way should be either to use the “share” button(s) at the bottom of the individual haiku/post page (scroll down), or you can simply copy the page address/link from your browser and paste it into an email! I’ll check to make sure the share buttons are set up correctly… 🙂


      • I do not do twitter, facebook, or any of those buttons you can click on at the bottom!! I wish there was a button that says “email this”. I finally figured out how to copy the address/ link and sent it to a friend of mine. She played the clarinet in junior high, and I played the flute. She would love both your haiku and image!! Thanks for helping me out, and I guess one day I will have to join the crowd, but I just do not want one more internet complexity in my life right now.


      • Glad to help, thanks for enjoying and passing along the clarinet Haikumage! I totally understand the need for simplicity, in an already-too-internet-complex world! So, I just added back the email icon for the WordPress post sharing on the site, for any future sharing… Hope your friend likes it! I played regular b-flat clarinet back in the day, then alto, then finished high school on the bass clarinet…the one in the image is my daughter’s – she’s following in my footsteps (sort of)…


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