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The blog (landing) page for this site displays a limited number of Haikumages’ recent Haiku/Senryū writings along with their cropped post/image/links, so you may need or want a way to find your favorite Haikumages another way.  Or you may simply want to wander around and get lost in the archive and see what you find…

To access the Haikumages archive, please use the drop down menus, shown in the column at right, to find your favorite, previously-posted Haikumages by category or month-of-posting.

in 2012, Haikumages committed to a special 366-day-leap-year, post-per-day project. It went well, but Haikumages introduced variations in the syllable-count after the project started, and syllabic experimentation will continue indefinitely!  If you dare (or care), go check out the “Form vs. Fun” page for more information on syllables, haiku/senyru forms, and the fun of using artistic license…

Thanks for visiting Haikumages! Enjoy & comment as you feel the urge…

// The Haikook (Russ Murray)

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