His soul looking down / saw the shell it left behind / finally empty.

His soul looking down / saw the shell it left behind / finally empty.  // haiku - micropoetry - haikumages

My ex-father-in-law, my children’s other grandfather, has died. More accurately, the person, the man, the father, and grandfather we knew and loved, departed some time ago, and the shell he left behind — ravaged by Alzheimer’s and dementia — has now died.

Morton, Morty, Dad, Pop, Poppy — you were dearly loved, and you will always be remembered, as you were before — full of life, love, and fun!

Of course, we’ll feel sad at times and miss you, but we won’t be able to keep from smiling when we think about your larger-than-life personality, singing, performing, and clowning around!  Rest In Peace now Morty.

— the Haikook —

Here are a few other haiku I wrote, in a stream of consciousness and feelings, when I heard the news last night:

>> It was just a shell / you could hear the sea in it / for a little while.
>> A selfless body / lingered on, confused for years / now rejoins its soul.

>> Ex-wife’s family / forever mine, through children / I share in the loss.
>> Memorable man / my former father-in-law / fondly remembered.

>> His self departed / a while back, left a shell / that looked familiar.
>> Though it looked like him / he left it a while ago / a shell, now broken.

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