Life full of promise / too soon emptied by death / the promise breaker.

Life full of promise / too soon emptied by death / the promise breaker.   Haikumages

Twoku: Life’s promise / broken by death / deceiver.
Threeku: Death by addiction / life full of promise, emptied / the promise broken.
Fourku: Promise maker Birth / fills up a life emptied by / promise breaker Death.
Fiveku: Each life containing / different, unique promises / but death breaks them all.

Written and dedicated to the memory of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

We must all be vigilant, to guard ourselves and loved ones against the devil disease of addiction, which takes so many lives, too soon…

 – The Haikook

Photo Credit: in this blended image, the underlying portrait of Philip Seymour Hoffman was taken by a photographer – name unknown – all rights reserved. The overlay image of church/trees, was taken, blended/edited, by me (Russell E. Murray).

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4 thoughts on “Life full of promise / too soon emptied by death / the promise breaker.

    • …and sad. I needed a week to deal with it, before I could write anything, but the idea was in my head when I heard the news. I have family with the same problem, and know many who died similarly…


  1. Helen Rogers on said:

    They say, and they sing “All iT Takes Is Love”…but it takes huge doses of love along with infinite understanding. Under Standing: standing under the load of it all without your knees buckling, without your shoulders sagging, without your spirit failing. And the flavors of love come in infinite sizes, shapes, colors, designs…there is no one size fits all. So just keep spreading it around you…it’s contagious in the most delicious way.


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