Remember / your location is / Level One.

Remember / your location is / Level One. - Haikumages

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3 thoughts on “Remember / your location is / Level One.

  1. This haiku reminds me of the first science fiction story I read called The Third Level from a book of the same name by Jack Finney; I discovered it in my dad’s stash; I was 13 and fell in love with science fiction fantasy. Every now and then I re-read it because I feel close to my dad then. It was simple, no violence, no sex, just a fascinating story. Published in 1948. Here is the blurb: “The shadowy half world, lying somewhere between dreams and reality….” Actually, I don’t read this genre any more. Newer works became too violent for my taste.

    I think haiku takes us to a third level.


    • Wow, nice reaction and story, thanks! It seems there are two things going on in any form or art or expression – what the artist/writer is trying to “say”, and what the audience sees/hears as the message. Both are valid, important, and meaningful, whether they are the same, or completely different! And, there can be multiple layers, messages and meanings, in any form of artistic expression, don’t you agree? 🙂


      • Yes, the word “level” set off a memory for me. Your haiku reminds us that we are all really at Level One in life. Sometimes we think we are off on Level 14 or something.


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