Requests for joining / important causes online / can they be ignored?

Requests for joining / important causes online / can they be ignored? Haikumages

This is a re-working of a haiku from 2010, posted here (belatedly) with a heavy heart from recent events… NO! Causes can NOT be ignored–if there are causes we think are important, we should take action to support them, online, offline, volunteering time, or donating money!

USA? There are so many dreadful statistics about this country and what goes on here (guns/murders, etc.) but there are also wonderful statistics about beautiful, important, and admirable things we do here: #1 in adoption (domestic & international), #1 in humanitarian aid, donations and contributions to non-profits, etc.  So, apparently, we Americans are imperfect, have our demons (like every other country), but we also possess and prove our good, great qualities too…  🙂

 – The Haikook

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2 thoughts on “Requests for joining / important causes online / can they be ignored?

  1. Requests, requests, requests…..the mind gets numb…..just walking to my postoffice, there are at least five individuals asking for money every day that I pass them…..what a conundrum it all is……


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