Book-reading nightmare / a never-ending story / keeps adding pages.

Twoku: Language book / keeps adding pages / unending.

This post is a blend of a recent comment from my daughter and an ongoing pet peeve of my late father. My daughter was reading a long book and she expressed her feeling that it kept adding pages…and my father refused to acknowledge that we speak a changing language, and that all language is changing and evolving…  The image here is not just of any book – it’s a dictionary – a story of one language at a moment in time, and yes, it keeps adding pages (well, in the next edition anyway)…  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Book-reading nightmare / a never-ending story / keeps adding pages.

  1. What a creative expression: the image of the book adding pages!!! I prefer the twoku just because for me books do not go with nightmares. I used to love to read the dictionary as a child. I recently discovered I had a little notebook and would write down and look up any new words that I found in books.


    • Thanks! I agree with the twoku being more pleasant…there are two different sides to this one indeed… And it sounds like your childhood and mine (and perhaps our parents) had some things in common!


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