Creepy statistic / tasteful pornography words / get more blog traffic.

Twoku: Creepy stats / porn words bring more search / visitors.

Sorry about this one, but it’s funny (at first disturbing) to see that each week, the number one search phrase that brings people to Haikumages is either “tasteful pornography” or “tasteful eros”!!  Sure, there are plenty of other searches and words that bring people to the lovingly-written, hand-crafted topics, tags and key words buried in my Haiku, but strangely enough, these two words continue to appear regularly…  The “hook” that catches these rogue fishes, is  the Haiku I posted a while back: Lady sends Eros / tasteful pornography from / her handheld device. (posted 6/10/12), which, as you can see has all three of those special words in it…

There are some who say that pornography drives technology (OK, I heard it somewhere, and now I repeat it often), for example: printing—>electronics—>video—>internet (you figure it out).  If so, in some strange, sordid way, I suppose we all have to thank pornography for some (much?) of today’s modern, technology-enriched life!  Luckily, it appears that Haikumages’ reputation as a source of sophistication, irreverence, art, insight and humor is safe, because at least people are seeking “tasteful” content, as they continue to stumble across this blog for some of the wrong reasons…

In closing, thanks, kudos and “well-done” to all of you who have discovered and now enjoy Haikumages, by means OTHER than entering the words “pornography” or “eros” into your favorite search engine (we’re indexed with ‘em all)!  And for those of you who DO arrive here unintentionally via those strange and lovely words – welcome!!  I hope you will find something tasteful to keep your interest in Haikumages, even if it’s not what you were originally looking for…

Isn’t that the real magic of the internet—random events and unexpected destinations?

– The Haikook

P.S. in case you haven’t already figured it out, this Haiku (title) and blog post is both a social experiment AND a shameful attempt to bring even more wayward internet travelers to Haikumages via tasteful pornography and/or eros…  🙂

P.P.S. and, if you pay any attention to the statistic details in the screenshot above, you’ll see two things: 1) combine all search variations related to 2012, leap year, Mayan Calendar and Cartoon – they are in excess of the searches for “tasteful pornography” that brought people here, and 2) searches for “tasteful eros” (or “tasteful erotica”) did not make it high enough on this list (only 5 or fewer search entries) to be visible, which suggests that people are less interested in “eros” and “erotica” (or don’t know the words!) and simply prefer good old-fashioned “pornography” in their entertainment diet…

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