Flowers gone / stems, stalks still standing / purposeless.

Twoku: Lilies left / the stems bare, bereft / crestfallen.
Threeku: Lilies gone / startled stems standing / left alone.
Fourku: Day lilies / flowers now fallen / had their day.

Sometimes The Haikook (that’s me) gets in a groove, and the haikunifications keep flowing…usually, I don’t post more than one extra version, and I call it a “twoku” but this time (there were 7 versions in total!) there are four worth posting, so we’ve got the main one, a Twoku, a Threeku and even a Fourku!  Hmmm…

Do me a favor haiku lovers, wordsmiths and friends – please let me know which of the four you like most!  🙂

 – The Haikook

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2 thoughts on “Flowers gone / stems, stalks still standing / purposeless.

  1. I like the first one the best. It sums up that purposeless feeling we all experience at times. Like when the children leave for college.


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