Best way to remove / pernicious poison ivy / is to hire a goat.

Believe it or not – though hiring a goat may sound ridiculous (and funny) – it is one of the best ways to get rid of Poison Ivy! According to Wikipedia and several other online articles on the subject read by The Haikook, humans are the only animals allergic to poison ivy, and goats love to eat the tender leaves and stems…if only I knew where to rent one…there’s gotta be a goat-whisperer around here somewhere! So, after I stopped LMAO at the thought, this little haiku came to mind…  🙂

 – The Haikook (The Goat Renter)

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4 thoughts on “Best way to remove / pernicious poison ivy / is to hire a goat.

  1. I like your use of these words: “pernicious poison ivy” — yet your photo makes p.i. look beautiful!!!


  2. “Pernicious poison ivy” —how melodious, and your photo makes p. i. look beautiful!!! Are you sure you want goats eating it????


    • I know…P.I. looks so nice and green and shiny (sometimes) but yeah, give it to the goats and keep it away from me!! Pernicious? Alliteration is my favorite thing…


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