Delicious apple / Mr. Appleseed is gone / will you still taste sweet?

Even as Apple hits (or exceeds) their numbers (kudos to Mr. Cook), they are in hot water with lawsuits about price-fixing on e-books, and more. Even as Facebook’s “fabulosity” is fading (on the cusp of their IPO), we see that our beloved products and favorite companies can turn into the next “evil empire”, especially once their visionary founders move on.  Let’s see what happens to Apple in the days ahead…

 – The Haikook

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2 thoughts on “Delicious apple / Mr. Appleseed is gone / will you still taste sweet?

  1. Did you see the Mike Daisey (spelling?)monologue about Apple? It was quite sobering.


    • No, missed that one, but will go find it… I have my own observation-based ideas about how Apple will fare now that it has no visionary at the helm, only business-folks…


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