Winter renews my / love affair with trees, lovely / limbs in silhouette.

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6 thoughts on “Winter renews my / love affair with trees, lovely / limbs in silhouette.

  1. Love both the photo and the ironic “as luck would have it” Yes sometimes uneventful does mean we were lucky.


    • Hi Carolee (?)…I appreciate the positive responses! Yeah, sometimes puns/wordplay can be a nice way to infuse a brief poem with some irony and other delightful elements… 🙂


      • Thanks for responding to my respond!!! My name is Carol, but I use Carolee because Carol is such a common name for my age group. I once wrote a great haiku, the haiku teacher chose to read it aloud, but I was in severe emotional pain and that was the only reason it was so good!!! I admire anyone who can write haiku.


      • Hi Carol then! We all have one of those stories about the poetry teacher and coming-of-age movies are full of those scenarios – they either inspire or scar us forever… 🙂

        Anyway, thanks for the compliment – I am dedicated to going deeper and getting better at this haiku thing – it’s a “beautiful exercise” that has to be practiced always (daily?)… It can only be a good thing!


  2. We don’t notice trees in summer as much, all clothed in finery, we are so much busier, lots to do. But in winter, as we hibernate gently, they stand out, and almost shout, “Look at me now”. I’ve noticed there are lots of blogs, and lots of photos, showing trees at the moment.


    • Ms. Crafty – you are right – we look at the trees more when they’re undressed in winter. Just have to ignore the cold while we gaze upon them…and many enjoy it, as the blogs and pics you are seeing from others has confirmed…


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