Haikumages: Project 366 for 2012

2012 is apparently a very special year, at least in the Mayan calendar, or so I’m told. It’s also a leap year with 366 days… Don’t you think that, if we survive this year, we’ll need great haiku and images to distract and inspire us?

Haikumages has committed to posting 366 paired haikus+images to commemorate this special year. Hopefully, I will resist the temptation and tendency to slip into mediocrity via the vehicle of daily posting…  Instead, my goal is to find inspiration in the daily regimen, and to rise to the occasion, much like the tradition of Japanese couples taking a daily walk and writing haiku about it – a beautiful exercise if you will.  Good for the heart and soul…

Anyway it helps that I’ve got a backlog of haiku already written, so the bigger challenge may actually taking good pictures that also go with each one. The Project 366 for 2012 project actually began with a late night post of a *Haiku Triplet* on 12/31/2011, full of anticipation (dread?)…the triplet carried us through to the 2nd, and now the pace will continue daily.

Thanks for joining me for this 366-day journey. I look forward to having you as my traveling companion, and hope you’ll comment from time-to-time, one way or the other.


The Haikook (Russ Murray)

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2 thoughts on “Haikumages: Project 366 for 2012

  1. Haikook, ha ha!
    I really, sincerely, look forward to taking a still, small moment each day to read your haiku and study the image you put with it.


  2. Haiku On Reggae Man………I dig it!


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