Some people complained / vertical line confuses / so I use a slash.

Now, I’m a “slasher”… 🙂

Hope you like the new blog format, as it highlights my images and allows each Haiku (even the longest one) to flow across as one line, as one thought-image.  This is in keeping with classical Haiku tradition…  So why the “slash”? A number of people have said that the vertical line or “pipe” character is confusing because it looks like a capital “I” although I must say that many of the haiku-mongers out there use it.  I tried hyphens and other characters that looked weird and/or simply broke the flow.  Then the slash…well, a forward slash actually leans gently into the flow of the haiku, while still showing the sections clearly – so that’s it!  Enjoy the slasher Haikus from this day forth…

// haikumages

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One thought on “Some people complained / vertical line confuses / so I use a slash.

  1. Now, in a new year, with a 366-day post-per-day project under way, Haikumages has changed to a new visual design on the blog – undoing the single-line Haiku flow unfortunately. It seemed that by going to the single line, the text/font size was forced too small, especially next to the images, which were relatively larger (especially with more high-res images these days)… So, now, we’re back to a white background – less gloomy and overbearing than black – with the haiku in a larger headline font size…all in the interest of balance! Oh, and we still use the slashes…


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